Paternity Fraud, Positive Pregnancy Tests For Sale


Ladies are you looking for a way to force your boyfriend to marry you? Maybe you’re a little tight on shopping money and need some quick cash so you can get the latest Kim Kardashian perfume.

Have no fear the sisterhood is here to help!

As reported in the Daily Dot ( ) there is a rash of pregnant women selling their positive pregnancy tests online. That’s right ladies just for a few bucks you can get your boyfriend to say “I do.”

Then another seller in New Jersey decided to follow suit and offered $25 for her pregnancy test, in case you wanted to “get your boyfriend to finally pop the question”

What a bargain! Even if you’re not interested in marriage you can tell your guy “I’m pregnant. I want an abortion. Give me some money or I’ll make trouble for you.” It’s as simple as that. You can turn a $25 investment into a large return in just a matter of hours. It’s that simple. Of course most women being the up standing and moral people that they are won’t ask any questions as to why you want a positive pregnancy test. Oh no. They don’t care. It’s none of their business.

Even more troubling, the sellers assure they won’t ask questions and don’t care what the tests are being used for.”

All you need is to con some poor guy into sleeping with you and you are on your way to getting that rock on your finger or those new shoes to go with the hundreds you already have. Highly motivated and industrious pregnant women are popping up everywhere. We are sure you can find one in your area.

The ads continue to appear across the country, all with the same no-questions-asked, I’m-always-by-my-phone language.

There is only a few ways to defend against this kind of fraud. Any man should demand a paternity test after being informed that he is the father. Don’t give a woman a red cent for an abortion until it is confirmed by a doctor that she is pregnant.

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